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Adult dating sites, to respond to your insistent requests for free sex sites we thought we’d prepare

this section of our website where we will go on the one hand to give you some tips to avoid getting screwed, on the other hand we will list some adult dating sites where fucking is free and where it is easy to have sex with a woman.

where users sign up to find a soul mate (like Meetic) and adult dating sites where the only goal is to have sex,

a one-night fuck in practice or in any case without any commitment or train like text messages etc .. just to fuck

By simply doing a little search on Google, you are catapulted into a myriad of free and paid dating websites.Often it happens that that site that we think free is actually an adult dating site where we are asked for a payment.

This is where we come in ;-), we have tried several internet sites for sex dating and have compiled a ranking based on a simple but very important criterion: “How many women have we really fucked on the dating site for free? “.

Cristiano, a handsome single guy from our editorial team, volunteered (how hard is it, Cris?) To test and touch the potential of adult sites dedicated to sex encounters ..

We started with a selection of popular free websites on the internet, where it is said that you fuck well and for real:

Wonderful! WhatsApp numbers in rain. The site is full of Milfs who are keen to fuck. The style is that of a real social network with likes, likes, etc. … Simple to use and easy to fuck!

The name is really a whole program, here our Cristiano managed after a few hours to get the WhatsApp number of a fantastic Italian Milf.

Registration on the dating site is free, just an email address is enough, our Cris has created it ad’oc and voilat, that’s it! Bravo Cris.

This is the dating site where Cristiano has managed to fuck the most. Registration is really easy, very simple. The girls are many and all with a great desire to have fun in a particular way.

It took two hours from the first registration and he already had his inbox full of messages from women who wanted to make “friends”.

Really well done adult dating site. The whole is full of “married” or “accompanied” people who seek, on this site to fuck, only adventures with other “non-single” people.

Here the work of our mythical Christian was more difficult as he is a hardened single. He had to pretend that he had a girlfriend who lived far away and who was cheating on him in order to convince a pretty and naughty student from Lecce, who studies in Rome, to go out for

Here the game changes. The requirement for success on this dating site is shrewdness and speed. Requests arrive suddenly and always around 6-7 pm. You have to stay on track otherwise there is no trumpet and your reputation drops.

There are men and women looking for a last-minute fuck, on the fly as they say. Every left is lost. For Cristiano it was not easy to find a nice pussy to fuck but in the end, after 3 days, he managed to get in touch with

a Roman wife who had her husband “away for work”. They didn’t spend the night together but two intense hours in Cris’s car.

The name suggests that this adult dating site is not exactly traditional. This is a beautiful dating site where, to fuck, you need to be a BDSM lover. Perhaps the most complete site of the genre, packed with options

Our Cris easily found a mistress willing to put him “in line” and after a couple of days he was contacted by a young and inexperienced, perhaps curious, slave from Viterbo.

According to him, the experience was excellent and satisfying. This dating site is also totally free.

No, dating sites are by no means all free, most require the insertion of a credit card, while others are satisfied with some personal data.

Let’s say that in the end, if what matters is finding a site to fuck, the ones we have listed are among the best dating sites to have sex for free. Seeing is believing.

Finding a woman on the net by entering an adult dating site is quite simple, what is not always easy is being able to fuck her, to take her to “checkers”. You have to be good and crafty at the right point, without saying too much bullshit.

Simple, in order not to get screwed on dating sites to have sex, never leave your credit card numbers, do not top up the girls who are there and that’s it.

Among the five adult dating sites suitable for our “purpose”, tried and tested by Cristiano, here is the definitive ranking:

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