Should one date someone they met online ?

Should one date someone they met online ?
Aug, 2 2023 Daxton Kingsley

Stepping Into the Realm of Virtual Romance

Well, gang, let's dive right in, feet first into the vast ocean that is online dating. You've got to admit, the concept of starting a romance with someone you've never met 'in the flesh' can seem a bit... daft? Or is it cutting-edge? Let me tell you, from my neck of the woods in Melbourne, the perception of online dating has certainly seen a profound shift. Don't believe me? Just ask my kid, Lachlan. He'll tell you, it's the norm for his generation. Still, the question remains, "Should one date someone they met online?" It's a doozy, isn't it? But the answer is not as straightforward as you might think.

The Dawn of Digital Love Stories

We live in an age where love crosses borders, and I don't just mean geographical ones. The digital age has revolutionised how we connect, communicate and even fall in love. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, approximately 40% of Australians have used online dating. That's quite the sea of fish! But before you dip your toes in this vast marine territory, you have to grasp that dating someone online is not terribly different from meeting them at a local café or through a mutual friend. The process of getting to know the person, understanding their likes, dislikes, beliefs, and dreams, remains the same.

What has changed, however, is the platform. Back in the day, you'd most likely meet your future spouse at a neighbourhood gathering or while walking your dog - some serendipitous event that led to a love story worth telling your grandchildren. Fast forward to now, you no longer need to rely on chance encounters. The long hours spent in the library, the missed opportunities, the heartache of love unreciprocated - all an echo from a previous era. Welcome to the world of swipe rights, winks and emojis!

Online Dating: A Gamble or a Sure Bet?

So, are you putting all your eggs in a basket if you're dating someone online? Well, muster up your courage, and have a gander at the success stories! With countless anecdotes shared on the internet, couples have taken their virtual romance off the screen and into real life with promising outcomes. They have manoeuvred their way through the initial uncertainty, navigated the pitfalls of perceived deception, and cleared the muddy waters of miscommunication. For them, the gamble paid off.

However, it's not just these couples to help you assess the gamble. Being data driven and scientific is my cup of tea, so here's an interesting fact for you. In a research conducted by psychologists at the University of Chicago, it was found that marriages that started online were slightly less likely to end in divorce and were associated with higher marital satisfaction. That should provide some assurance that perhaps this modern-day quest for companionship is not just a roll of the dice.

Striking a Balance between Connection and Caution

Now that we've seen the greener grass on the other side, should you just dive head-first into dating someone you've met online? Not so fast, mate! It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, gets catfished or, worse, finds themselves in a precarious situation.

There's always going to be a degree of risk when meeting someone new, whether online or offline, so it wouldn't hurt to adopt an approach of cautious optimism. This means taking things at a comfortable pace while also being aware of red flags. Listen, I've had my fair share of faux pas in the dating world in my youthful days, and luck has been gracious to me. Yet, wariness never hurts when maneuvering the ocean of online dating.

Life, Love and Learning: My Dive into Virtual Dating

I suppose it's only fair to admit, with a 40% chance of doing so, that among all these deep dives into statistical analysis, intriguing research, and general banter, is my own story. That's right, your bloke Daxton has partaken in this millennial tradition of online dating. And brace yourself, because it's quite the yarn.

Through a series of fortunate clicks, scrolls and swift judgments, I found myself staring at a vibrant profile that made my heart do a little jig. We sparked a conversation, one that ebbed and flowed naturally, like the crisp air of a Melbourne sunset. There were umpteen miles between us, but as they say, 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'. And let me tell you, ours did. The virtual platform allowed us to bridge the physical distance, creating a connection that extended beyond screens. Best part? It led to understanding, compassion, and eventually, love.

In conclusion, should one date someone they've met online? The answer, as you might have gleaned by now, is a resounding maybe. Yes, it brings about its own challenges, but it also extends an opportunity to find a connection that may not have been possible otherwise. Like all adventurous endeavours, it warrants both caution and optimism. So, whether to hop on the online dating bandwagon or not, it's all up to you. Strap on your seat belts, and enjoy the ride. After all, where's the fun in life if you don't take a few risks?


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