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Chatwing Launches Shout Box Helpful for Facebook Friend Seekers

May 13, 2012 in Black Dating Sites

Many people consider Facebook as the most famous social networking site of today. This is because of the fact that Facebook covers all necessary aspects of life: business, finance, learning, health, communication, and leisure. This is why Chatwings developers have realized that Facebook chatrooms is really a great niche that anyone can utilize. The latest release of the Chatwing chat box is geared to help people find many Facebook friends.


People prefer Chatwing because of the global connection that it can offer. In Chatwing, there are no racial or cultural barriers because everyone can chat in every chatroom. According to Chatwings developers, the main idea is to create a lounge where everyone can hang out and chill. This goal empowers the premise of website chat.


In fact, many people love to engage in website chat. This has been noted in blogging communities where information travels in just seconds. Website chat interaction helps everyone find many Facebook friends. Chatwing also has a Facebook log-in feature to help its users. Now, guests and visitors can log in to a free chatroom with their Facebook accounts. This makes profile information exchange easy.


Another great thing about the Chatwing shout box is the array of avatars and emoticons that people can use. These emoticons can truly spice up conversation, allowing the visitors to stay longer. Combined with timed topics, visitors will be enticed and researches have indicated that enticed visitors tend to return to the blog in a frequent basis. This is why some date-tips bloggers have opted for the Chatwing chat box. Chatwings color selections are also proven relaxing for many guests and visitors.


Since Chatwing is a widget, it can be installed to blogs and websites that allow HTML coding. However, embedding is not mandatory because people can start chatting right away in the Chatwing homepage. Bloggers, on the other hand, can benefit a lot if they install Chatwing for their blogs. According to some bloggers who used Chatwings latest release, the online presence of their blogs jumped to 80% in the first week prior to installation. Combined with good blog posts, these bloggers believe that the visibility climb will be continuous.


New users who want to feel the Chatwing experience can visit its home page. The Chatwing Facebook page is also updated with useful content and announcements.


About Chatwing


Chatwing.com is a free shout box for all web pages or blogs. It also lets anyone create free chatrooms on any website or blog. The Chatwing.com website offers users the ability to signup and create a customizable live chat box instantly with few details. Users have the ability to select the size, dimensions, and colors of the shout box. The ability to live chat with Facebook, Twitter or guest avatars is a unique feature which includes social sharing features in real-time. Chatwing is free chatroom software available to any user.

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